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Located in the centre of Marbella Old Town, Paco Jiménez is a family run restaurant with a focus on delicious, fresh Spanish cuisine. 



Restaurateur of The Ritz and The Cavendish Hotel fame, Sandro Morelli welcomes each guest to Villa Tiberio as though they are his dearest friends. Not too far from your Marbella holiday villa, this exquisite restaurant dates back to 1989 and provides an extensive menu of both Italian and international dishes. You’ll be spoilt for choice in regards to the perfect drink to complement your meal, with a wine list of over 3000 bottles of Spanish, French and Italian wines. After dining, take a stroll around the glorious grounds, boasting 6,000 square meters of Italian gardens, fit with semi-tropical vegetation, marble statues and glittering waterfalls.



Whether you and your group are in the mood for a relaxing, slow-paced lunch or a sensational night of dancing alongside some of the area’s top DJs and artists, with eight areas to choose from, you’ll find something that fits your style at La Sala. The venue offers a number of outdoor spaces to relax in, such as the gorgeous rear terrace overlooking La Concha, Marbella’s most famous mountain. If you’d rather enjoy the ambience inside the venue, you’re invited to dine in their remarkable restaurant or to enjoy a drink at La Sala’s charming bar area.



Specialising in Nikkei cuisine, which is a delectable mix of Peruvian and Japanese flavours, Uni Namazake is a must-visit on your Marbella vacation if you have a love of fusion cuisine. On the menu, you’ll find tantalising combinations of Japanese shoyu and miso with the Peruvian tastes of ají peppers: creating dishes that are not only delicate but full of zest and vibrancy too. While the cuisine actually dates back to the 19th century, Nikkei is a rather new concept to many of Europe’s cities. In addition, with the restaurant’s interior designed by the famous Jean Pierre Martel, you can expect Uni Namazake to give you a truly unique dining experience.