Easter break in Marbella?

Sun, Sea and ‘Semana Santa’…Enjoy Easter Celebrations at DSV Collection in Marbella.

Easter or ‘Semana Santa’ is a weeklong celebration in Spain. From traditional Spanish cuisine to parades with music and marching bands, there is plenty to experience this Easter in Marbella. From 20th-27th April a group of up to 20 people could experience a traditional Spanish Easter at Villa El Cano. 

Semana Santa 

Semana Santa (holy week) begins on Palm Sunday and is celebrated until Easter Sunday. The week is full of flamboyant parades, music, eating and drinking. This is a celebration that is not missed by locals or tourists ready to embrace the Spanish culture.  


The processions consist of men that are members of the brotherhood (costeleros), carrying heavy floats from the church while other members of the brotherhood march alongside. The extravagant, heavy floats illustrate religious biblical scenes and can weigh around 2000kg. Throughout the procession, locals and tourists gather to watch the spectacular parade. Approaching Easter Sunday, the floats are usually decorated with beautiful flowers and traditional Spanish sweets called ‘Torrijas’.

Traditional Easter food 

Like any Spanish event, food plays a key part in the festivities. Here are just a few examples of the dishes that you could expect to enjoy in Marbella this Easter

  • Torrijas- Similar to French toast but they are usually coated in sugar, cinnamon, syrup or honey

  • Bunuelos- fried dough balls coated in cinnamon

  • Bartolillos- a pastry filled with custard 

  • Mona de Pascua- The traditional Easter cake

  • Hornazo- Spanish meat pie that is usually filled with pork loin, spicy chorizo, and boiled eggs


Spanish weather in April...the days are longer, it is starting to warm up and each day becomes a little more vibrant. With summer just around the corner, you can enjoy an average daytime temperature of around 18˚C and sea temperature of around 16˚C. Perfect weather to revel in the warm sun and unwind around the pool. If it is a little chillier early evening, why not dip into one of the hot tubs.


For more details about availability this Easter, email info@dsvcollection.com to arrange your Easter break at Villa El Cano.